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The Preppy Rebellion



A new take on masculine elegance with a pinch of British- style dandyism the sprezzatura of today.

The Renaissance of Pour will not only be seen in rebranding of the label itself.

But also in the collection, a relaunch that will focus on the masculine elegance a casual chic. Soft tailoring for the man that dresses entirely for himself.
It´s all about looking effortless.

An elegant and relevant fashion without trying to much, All about character and at the same time a collection and design that will stay over seasons.

Joie de vivre. A flippant elegance.
The preppy rebellion uncovered.
This is the new story of Pour.

Black, Navy Blue and Grey is the palette.
Every season will have its colour, the colour, a colour, one colour.
The Pour colour.

The appearance in short is a mix of strict and casual, formal and irreverent.
An Ivy inspired collection and origin, inspired by the Italian and British classic tailoring.

Your wardrobe essentials, timeless pieces of iconic clothing a look that will become your enduring classics.